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ADSCC Starts a New Effort!!
Arizona's First Home for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Seniors

July 2, 2011


Tempe, Arizona — Apache ASL Trails (AAT), opening on July 15, provides seniors who are deaf or hard of hearing, with low or moderate income, an opportunity live live independently in one of the 75 apartments. The facility is almost completely rented and is expected to be at full occupancy by October 15th.


THE NEXT STEP: At the May 28th Members meeting, ADSCC started a new committee to develop deaf-friendly Assisted Living and Living Independently with Assistance opportunities for our deaf seniors.


Many have watched the frustration of not being able to move friends or family members into supported living facilities where they can speak with staff and others living there in American Sign Language. We fret and mourn as we know that they are may be experience isolation and extreme loneliness in their final years.

We have friends who live with family - family who were told, "Never learn sign language or your deaf child will not talk." Thankfully, these days doctors rarely tell this cruel myth to parents as they inform them of their child's deafness. However, some of the families of our seniors still follow this old myth so oftentimes finds the deaf senior living in a spare room in a non-signing family's home. Feeling ignored, the deaf senior experiences TOTAL COMMUNICATION ISOLATION!


The six-member committee started June 6th with Penny Posedly FAIA, Chair; Michele Beaudry RN, Vice Chair; Larry DeVenney, Doris Krampe, ADSCC President (ex officio), Donna Taylor, and Peter Tolmachoff.


It is not expected that this committee will fundraise. The committee plans to work with existing organizations to realize the goals. If you do decide to financially support any effort of ADSCC we welcome your donation at

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